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Gourmet Meals Meet Tailored Nutrition

At Providence Living at Pembroke Pines, we offer an exceptional dining program featuring delicious and nutritious meals. Food is meant to nourish the body, but it is also an opportunity for fellowship, engaging cultural and religious ideals, and stimulating the senses. We take pride in delivering a multi-sensory approach to our memory care and assisted living culinary plans, and our chef creates inspired menus that will reawaken any appetite. Our approach to food is colorful presentation, fresh, nutritious ingredients, and bursting-with-flavor meals that satisfy a variety of palates.

Dine with Dignity with the Providence Living Difference

At Providence Living at Pembroke Pines, we want to ease the responsibility of meal preparation for our assisted living residents, and we understand the challenges that mealtime and eating can present to those with memory impairment. Our restaurant-style dining rooms will entice any connoisseur with our visually appealing and aromatic cuisine. Our meals are prepared on-site and are exceptionally delicious, using a variety of spices to encourage a hearty appetite. Our chefs are also trained in and understand special diets, allergies, and religious preferences.

  • Cooking demonstrations and nutritional education
  • Garden-to-table with resident-planted herbs
  • Community and in-suite dining
  • Daily menu with a variety of options
  • Finger foods that promote independence

Why is food so important in senior living? We’re glad you asked.

Good nutrition is essential for people of any age. For seniors especially, delicious and balanced meals become crucial for maintaining health and increasing the quality of life. One of the most enticing parts about our assisted living is that residents no longer have to prepare their meals and can enjoy restaurant-style dining and grab-and-go snacks at their convenience.

People with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other forms of memory impairment often find it difficult to use silverware, chew, and swallow. Memory challenges can cause distractions and result in low interest in mealtimes or sudden food aversions. Forgetting to eat in a timely fashion may also result in poor nutrition. Here’s where our certified memory caregivers and staff come in: we understand these challenges and collaborate with our families to provide a multi-sensory dietary plan that is enjoyable and optimally nutritious. We help identify the right dining setting for your loved one to ensure that mealtimes are successful and enjoyable. We offer palatable menu choices and honor our residents’ dietary preferences.

Finger foods alleviate motor skill challenges

Purees and soft foods aid chewing and swallowing

Consistent schedule means no forgotten meals

Optimal nutrition reduces illness and weight loss